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Prophecy 14: Psalm 69:8

Daily Thoughts – December 18th

Prophecy 14: Psalm 69:8
"I am become a stranger unto my brethren, and an alien unto my mother's children. "    - Psalm 69:8
Here again we find the psalmist David, writing the words of a sufferer, but certainly referencing the coming Messiah as well. Yesterday, I pointed out the fact that Christ was hated by the masses and authority in His last days. Today, I wanted to take this one step farther. We find references to Christ being refused by his family, disciples and those closest to him.

How can this be? How could the disciples - Matthew, Peter, John and the others turn away from the man they had walked and lived with for those years? We see this prophecy fulfilled in John 7:5 and John 1:11. Then there is the often-quoted scriptural reference to Peter denying Christ the night of His betrayal.

It really comes down to the motives and expectations of those around Christ at that time. Their history had told them that the King would come and re-establish Israel to its proper place of strength. It was not that they didn't believe in Christ, but that they couldn't comprehend His purpose and His true place in God's plan. His brothers questioned His role by trying to place Him in the public's eyes where he would gain popularity and rise to King. His disciples continued to underestimate the authenticity and power of the man they were walking with. We see other times them trying to steer him clear of the masses, even the children. They all left His side in the Garden of Gethsemane. After His death on the cross, they converged to hiding in the upper room, unsure, confused and wondering what to do next. How could their King be killed? He was the chosen one of God.

Were these actions intentional or contrived to fulfill the prophecy? Of course not. These were predicted a thousand years before His birth and fulfilled through His life and those around Him, to once again demonstrate from God the Father just who Jesus Christ was. So tell me then, with all of these examples why does man still ask this question?

- Rich

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