Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Prophecy 3: Isaiah 11:1-5;10

Daily Thoughts – December 4th

Prophecy 3: Isaiah 11:1-5;10

" A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit. The Spirit of the LORD will rest on him the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD and he will delight in the fear of the LORD. He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears; but with righteousness he will judge the needy, with justice he will give decisions for the poor of the earth. He will strike the earth with the rod of his mouth;with the breath of his lips he will slay the wicked. Righteousness will be his belt and faithfulness the sash around his waist. (10) In that day the Root of Jesse will stand as a banner for the peoples; the nations will rally to him, and his place of rest will be glorious." - Isaiah 11:1-5; 10

Yesterday we discussed the prophecy that the House of Judah would be continued through the Messiah. Today we look at a similar prophecy from Isaiah, discussing the Messiah to come from the line of "Jesse". But, this prophecy reaches much farther by describing with great detail the "King of the Jews" in a manner that was desired by the Jewish nations at that time. It was anticipated that the Messiah would come through the line of David and thereby Jesse because of their deep love for David and his legacy in their land of Israel.

Indeed, the lineage of Jesus Christ is traced back to the root of Jesse, provided in two places: Matthew 1:1-17 and Luke 3:23-38. These two show slightly different paths to Jesse, and most agree that Matthew represents the lineage of Joseph through Solomon and Luke represents the lineage of Mary through Nathan. In God's perfect wisdom he was able to ensure the blood right through Mary and the title through Joseph.

In the person of Jesus Christ, we find ALL of the qualities represented by Isaiah in 700 B.C. To this very day his righteousness, faithfulness, and words rest in our hearts as a banner for millions if not billions of people around the globe. Nations have and continue to rally to His teachings, and look for the day of His return when he will "...strike the earth with the rod ... and slay the wicked..." No other man has the perfect lineage through the root of Jesse, and the recorded righteous, perfect life, death, and resurrection as Jesus Christ. Only God could have placed these words in Isaiah's mouth and then fulfilled them through His Son.

Today, focus on the incredible works of our Lord represented through these prophecies. Then look to His word for the future. If He leads us to this place, what makes you think He will change His plan going forward. The Bible is your word from God, and in it He shares His eternal plans. Time is short and there is much to do, read and be wise in your faith.

- Rich

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